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Increase website traffic without SEO with these 8 strategies.

June 25, 2020

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Strategy Number 1

Write a guest post or request a guest post to someone with a big audience in your niche. When you do a guest post you get Quality backlinks and a lot of targeted audience for your blog post. You can try for guest posts.

Strategy Number 2

Promote your blog on Social media. Make your website profiles on All social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. And build a following thereby publishing content on these platforms. you can also buy a shoutout from big accounts in your niche to grow fast.

Strategy Number 3

Start the newsletter of your blog. The newsletter helps to retain the existing audience of your website. You can send them daily updates about your existing blogs, Upcoming blogs, and Previous Blogs.

Strategy Number 4

Enable a sharing button on your website for your blog post Sharing is caring I’m sure we all have heard this in our childhood People want to share your blog but you didn’t give them an option to do it.

Strategy Number 5

Reduce the bounce rate of your website You can reduce it by Embedding a video or Audio to your blog A study shows that people spent an average of 2.6x times on a blog with a video or Audio than without.

You know that people are watching videos more than they read blogs. Before your user switches completely to the videos retain them with audio blogs. The audio blog is the audio version of your blog with the same content but in an audio version attached to your blog.

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Strategy Number 6

Showcase your other blogs to user Tell your users that you have another blog also for them. This will increase the average session rate of your website.

Strategy Number 7

Search for the problem on quora that you have a solution on your website And answer there questions and then say you can learn more about it from my blog post. This works super well.

Strategy Number 8

Run ads for your blogs. You can do try retargeting, retargeting means a user visited your website and leaves after sometimes you can acquire them again by showing ads to them only.

You can also give Free ebooks to get new visitors or Newsletter subscriptions for your blog. Start a giveaway for an ebook in your niche and ask people to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can send that ebook on their email.

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